School Expansion


The existing Canajoharie dormitory and ashram has been full and overflowing since 2004 with aunties, teachers, spouses and students living in a cozy and loving environment. The Canajoharie School is such a success that currently 50 + students are on a waiting list. To accommodate these students a new 10,000, sq.ft. will be built. This new building will not only provide more dorm rooms, but will also provide much needed classrooms and meditation space. The expansion will accommodate a total of 35 students to begin with with further ability to expand upon as required. For updated information please visit the Technical Documents section.

School House Drawing

The development of this project will occur in five phases. These phases are listed below along with a description and estimated cost. The overall Project estimate for the new building with all amenities is between $850,000 and $1,100,000. Click on the Fundraising link to see our funding progress by phase.

Phase I - Design
Currently we are working with architects, engineers, and builders to determine the layout of the building, what the building looks like, what the building is made of , and how the building is built. The design phase consists of defining the following:

  • Program, which consists of dorms, classrooms, office areas, meditation space, laundry, bathrooms, storage, and support spaces 
  • Layout which consists of floor plans and elevations of the building. These may be viewed in Technical Documents section.
  • Materials and Systems, which includes environmentally friendly materials and energy efficient systems such as:  o Low odor paints and adhesives
    o Insulation made of recycled content or natural materials such as soy
    o No formaldehyde in any wood products
    o Carpet , flooring, siding made of recycled or renewable products
    o Solar or renewable energy source
    o Efficient windows and insulation.
    o Sustainable sewer system and storm water systems
  • Delivery Method, which consists of either stick built delivery where buildings are built on site or prefabrication where buildings are built in a factory and shipped to the site.
  • Cost estimating – which takes place consistently through out the design process to ensure the project keeps within the budget.

Once these items are determined, construction documents will be completed by the architect or builder. At this point the project will be bid to determine the final pricing, and a contractor will be selected.  

Phase II - Permitting
Once the design is completed the addition will need to be submitted to the local and state agencies for review and approval. There are three types of permitting that are required:

  • Planning, which consists of local approval to build an addition or building on the land.
  • Environmental, which consists of approving the sanitary and storm water systems required for the building.
  • Building, which consists of how big the building is, what materials the building is made of, and the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in the building.

Phase III - Foundation & Utilities
Once the permitting is completed, it is time to start building. The Firstphase of building will include the foundations and basement, the septic and storm water systems, as well as extension and upgrade of water and electrical services.

Phase IV - Construction
The second phase of construction is to build the actual addition.

  • Core and Shell to be done by the contractor, which will include o Building structure and interior walls,
    o Weather tight exterior minus the siding,
    o Mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems,
    o Roof
    o Site construction – side walks and roads
    o Renovations to the existing house
  • Finishes to be done by Yogis, which will include: o Flooring and painting
    o Casework
    o Bathroom fixtures
    o Light fixtures
    o Siding

Phase V - Move-In
And finally the school is ready to move in, but we are not done yet. We willneed purchase furniture and Equipment. Beds, dressers, chairs, tables, desks, chalk boards, books, art and music supplies, will be necessary to provide a home to our children. Yogis will be completing the finishing touches and decorating the school.

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